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USGS Long Island, New York Spatial Datasets

Contact: Michael Como (mcomo@usgs.gov)
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Title: Long Island Hydrogeologic Framework


Description: Since the 1980s, the USGS has mapped sand and gravel aquifers and confining units for Long Island, New York at the 1:250,000 scale. To maximize the usefulness of the aquifer maps, GIS datasets of the 1: 250,000-scale aquifer maps for Long Island were developed. To further increase applicability of the maps, consistent mapping units were developed, delineated, and presented in relation to aquifer framework and hydrology. The result is consistent GIS datasets of surficial geology and aquifer boundaries from maps of selected unconsolidated aquifers in Long Island New York at the 1: 250,000 scale. This map layer contains the surficial hydrogeology and hydrogeologic extent (portrayed as lines) for a hydrogeologic unit beneath Long Island in the state of New York, USA. The map layer was developed as part of an effort to digitize surficial geology and aquifer boundaries occurring in water-resources investigations reports published at 1:250,000. The published maps contain base and cultural features not included in these data. Data sources can be found via the report number (e.g. HA-709) referencing the Supplemental Information section in this metadata document.


These shapefiles depict the upper surface altitude of seven of the eight hydrogeologic units, which, in ascending order are: consolidated bedrock, Lloyd aquifer, Raritan confining unit, Magothy aquifer, Monmouth greensand, Jameco aquifer, and Gardiners Clay. The upper glacial aquifer-the uppermost unit-is at land surface over most of Long Island and is therefore not included.


Download the Data and Metadata (2.4 MB Zip file): Long Island Hydrogeologic Datasets


Supporting Documentation:

  USGS Hydrologic Investigation Atlas Report 709:  Hydrogeologic Framework of Long Island, New York

  USGS Water-Resources Investigations Report 86-4318:  Hydrogeologic correlations for selected wells on Long Island, New York