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Providing Hydrologic Science and Data to Water-Resource Managers and the General Public

"Drought is a condition of moisture deficit sufficient to have an
adverse effect on vegetation, animals, and man over a sizeable area."

Drought Information Resources

water drop General Information on Droughts
Fact Sheet on Drought
Historic variations in moisture availability
water drop Water Supply Paper 2375 - National Water Summary 1988-89--Floods and Droughts
Climate and droughts (p. 89-98)
Evapotranspiration and droughts (p. 99-104)
Paleohydrology and its value in analyzing floods and droughts (p. 105-116)
Management of water resources for drought conditions (p. 147-156)
water drop Federal Agency Drought Information
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
National Integrated Drought Information System
water drop Drought Information Centers
National Drought Mitigation Center
New York State DEC Drought Information
Delaware River Basin Commission Drought Info
Susquehanna River Basin Commission Drought Coordination
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
USGS Connecticut Drought Information
USGS Massachusetts and Rhode Island Drought Information
USGS New Hampshire and Vermont Drought Watch
USGS Pennsylvania Drought Condition Monitoring
U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey
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