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Rockland County Wastewater Discharges (2005)

(data provided by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation)

Most of Rockland County is served by Sanitary sewer systems that route wastewater to treatment plants that discharge treated water to either the Hudson River or the Ramapo River.

The Hudson River receives most of this treated water:

  1. Sewer District 1 (SD 1) serves the Towns of Ramapo and Clarkstown
  2. Sewer District 2 (SD 2) serves the Town of Orangetown
  3. Haverstraw Joint Regional Sewer Board (HJRSB) serves the Town of Haverstraw
  4. Stony Point Sewer District (SPSD)

The Ramapo River receives treated water from the Village of Suffern (and since 2009 the Western Ramapo Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant)

In 2005, about 14.6 billion gallons of treated wastewater was lost from the local hydrologic system.

The “spikes” in flows from these treatment plants correspond to non-wastewater inputs associated with rainfall: inflow from storm runoff, infiltration of groundwater where the water table is high, and perhaps illegal sump pump connections to sewers. In fact, sanitary sewers are a subsurface drainage system very much like local rivers.